League of Legends CSPM Predictor

League of Legends creeps fighting in lane. Source:https://notagamer.net/



Csing wins games

Irelia farming creeps. Source: https://aminoapps.com/

Let’s get more technical

MLR Formula. Source: https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/
  • yi​ is the dependent or predicted variable
  • β0 is the y-intercept, i.e., the value of y when both xi and x2 are 0.
  • β1 and β2 are the regression coefficients that represent the change in y relative to a one-unit change in xi1 and xi2, respectively.
  • βp is the slope coefficient for each independent variable
  • ϵ is the model’s random error (residual) term.[3]
CSPM Model.

Exploratory data analisys

Correlation Matrix

R-Squared(R²) , Root Mean Square Error(RMSE) and Cross-Validation.


Prediction Error Plot


CBLOL 2020 Champion Dataset. Source: https://oracleselixir.com/
Model Results





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